Ruin and Rising

June 24, 2019

by Leigh Bardugo

This is the last book in the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, and here we continue to follow Alina and her group of friends as they prepare for a war against the Darkling and his demon-like creatures. 

After the disappointment of book two, I was nervous getting into this book, but I can easily way that this is the best in the series. This book was great. Action from page one, and great plot and interesting twists and turns that never made reading this boring.

I love how we get to see more of the Darkling in this book and dig deeper into his complicated relationship with Alina. Their connection is strong, in more ways than one, and Alina suffers from the fear that she’s meant to like him. At the same time there is a part of her that longs for it too. But she’s deemed a Saint, a role she does not want to have, but people see her as the savior, the one who’ll destroy the darkness. And that’s what she wants too, she wants to be the hero. That’s why it’s great to see her being torn between light and dark and how natural it feels. She’s in the middle of an impossible situation and the way this is written makes it easy to connect with that feeling.

This was a great ending to the series, even if I’m not completely satisfied with how it was wrapped up, but still great and I enjoyed reading it. The absolute biggest disappointment I had with this plot though is how it lacked a plot. There was really nothing there until the third book. Everything that happened up until this book is just a long and slow buildup. I would have wanted more plot. 

Wrap Up

Ruin and Rising

  • 7/10
  • 6/10
  • 7/10
  • 8.5/10
  • 7/10


  • Great characters
  • Unexpected turns
  • Good worldbuilding
  • Good ending to the series


  • Passive writing

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