December 31, 2017

by Marie Lu

A few years ago, I read Marie Lu’s Legend series and hated it. I hated everything about it, the writing, the story, the execution. I did force myself to finish the trilogy, but when I was finished I just had this feeling of wishing I’d done something better with that time. So, when I heard that a new book was coming out, I didn’t pay much attention. I don’t like Marie Lu’s writing, I told myself.

Then, that odd colorful cover got me interested. It was ugly, sort of 80s-style, but still great and still spiked my interest. I read the blurb, I liked the premise. As a gamer and geek myself, I felt drawn to the story. So, when I got the chance though NetGalley to read an ARC of Warcross, I leaped at the chance.

But life happened, and it took me a while to get to it. But when I started, I couldn’t stop. And I loved the book. This is such an amazing page-turner that makes you invested in the characters and the world, so much so, that I feel like I lost my friends now that the book is over.

In Emi, Marie Lu created a character that you instantly connect to, you care about her and want her to do well. She’s well developed and I really like the fact that Emika knows who she is from the beginning. This is not a story of a weak girl finding herself though silly juvenile mistakes. This is a story of a strong girl who knows who she is and what she can do. Never do I feel frustrated and angry that she’s going against better judgement doing something silly. She’s clever, intelligent, has enough street-smarts to spot dangers far in advance, and she’s super talented without being braggy about it. She’s flawed and perfect. Beautiful and rebellious. She’s someone to look up to, someone to listen to and follow. I love her.

The worldbuilding in this story is also great, and I felt like I was in Tokyo as I was reading. The way she had developed the virtual world was believable, and I felt like Marie Lu knows what she’s writing about here. She managed to describe the complicated workings of the virtual world without losing me on the way, she made me feel like I was as skilled as Emi. The virtual realm and the workings of the games could have been confusing, too overloaded with information. But Lu manages to portray a clear vision of what happens, what it looks like, without making it hard to follow. Not even once did I feel lost in her world.

This book is easy to read with a steady pace that never lets you go, it’s never boring.

I can’t find much that is wrong with this story and I really want to read the next part of this series. There are a few mistakes, and a few plot holes in the version I read, but since I read and ARC of Warcross, I’m not going to let that take away from my rating. I’m positive that these things were corrected until the final release.

So, all I can say is: Read this book!

A clear five stars from me on this one. Get your copy on Amazon.

Wrap Up


  • 9.5/10
  • 9/10
  • 9/10
  • 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10


  • Well developed characters
  • Good writing
  • Great pacing
  • Interesting plot
  • Amazing wordbuilding


  • A few plotholes
  • Some mistakes

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